12 May 2012

Privacy Please!

When we returned to our African home almost four weeks ago, one of my major disappointments was the tree that had been cut down in the back garden down behind our house.

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The side of our balcony used to look like this. See that big tree in the back, providing TONS of shade and privacy and refreshing green?



Instead we had this.

Whoa. Big difference, eh? It felt so different out there I found it shocking each time I stepped foot outside.


Hello world. Look at me! A white lady wearing a tank top in the privacy of my own home!!! *gasp* A tank top in 110 degrees?! The nerve that immodest woman has!!!!!

You get the idea?!

Obviously, as a woman living in this culture, I didn’t feel so comfortable hanging out on the balcony in my normal wear-at-home clothes… tee shirt or tank top and capris.  And I hated the inconvenience of throwing something else on just to walk out onto the balcony of my own home.

I felt way to exposed out there.


And so we had this built. There was already a shorter privacy wall on the left side (see it?) but we added this taller and thicker one for the side where the tree used to be. It doesn’t give the place the same ambiance as the nice big tree, but we have privacy again. It’s great!

The other good news is that our entire electrical system is still in tact after the worker man hooked up his welding tool to our already scary electrical system. We were pretty happy about that. We learned awhile ago that when getting something ‘fixed’ in your home here it’s a miracle if something else doesn’t get broken in the process.


We’ve spent a fair amount of time out there already since then. Everything out there can get wet (This Mama included, usually!) and so the kids have a great time splashing and playing.

(Sidenote: I promise I am feeding my boy. His ribs don’t normally stick out like that. I think it’s cause he’s stretched out and screaming?! ha!)



I’m thankful. So thankful.

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