16 May 2012


I have instituted ‘Room time’ with my kids at various points in their lives. When we returned home and finally had some sort of routine several weeks ago, I knew I wanted room time to be a regular part of my boy’s routine when his lil’ sister takes a nap in the afternoon.


The first day I set the timer for 30 minutes. He did play in his room by himself (that’s what room time is), but not without poking his head out a lot and whining about when he could be done.


A day or two later he played happily without asking me how much longer he needed to play in his room.


And a day or two after that when I put Sweet N down for a nap I didn’t have to ask him to go play in his room, I didn’t have to set the timer and he never asked to be done.

He just happily played in his room by himself without being told.

Kids loves routine. Kids love boundaries. I believe it.

I’m not saying it goes like this every day. But the fact that it goes like this some days is victory enough for me!


Also, toddlers love afternoon naps on the floor in the one room with an air conditioner.


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