27 May 2012

Sisterly Love?

I got a most interesting email from my Mom and Dad the other day. They had found a couple old letters from my sister and I’s childhood years, scanned them and sent them to me.

Now, my sister and I are close in age (only 21 months apart… God bless my Mama!) and we have had a close relationship during most of our lives. I do remember some rough patches in childhood and these funny letters are proof of that.

First of all, I love that I drug out the typewriter to compose this very important (?!) note. And second of all, I must have had  a love for parenthesis from a very young age. Ha!


Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I love you very much. I am very glad that you are my Mommy and Daddy. And I am not glad that Sarah is my sister. But without her I would not be so smart. But most of the time (you know what I’m going to say) we fight. But I still love her inside my heart. 


But I wasn’t the only one who took time to pen a letter to my parents regarding my sister. Sarah had done the same, probably before I did. What is it with us writing serious letters to our parents?…

1989, she would have been 9 years old and I would have been almost 8.

Untitled-2 copy

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hello, It’s about Suzanne, not surprised are ya. Suzanne is getting on my nerves. Remember when I said “I like her, but we can take her back now”, that is what I feel like saying now. Today Suzanne is making me clean up, it feels aful. That’s the only reson I took the time to wright this letter.
                                                                     Love ya!! bye
When I was born and my parents brought me home from the hospital my sister did actually tell them “You can take her back now.” Brutal (and so cute), huh? And what was this about me making her clean up? Could I have possibly been bossing around my big sister? I don’t know! I wouldn’t put it past myself. Sorry sister!

In any case, we got a big kick out of these and I’m encouraged that even if my kids clearly express dislike of each other during their childhood years, that chances are it won't last.

I love my family…

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