28 May 2012

A Taste of Home

A couple days before we flew out of the U.S. to return to Africa we had a fun day at The Farm with Mike’s cuz and family. It was Maple Syrup Day! I’d heard about The Farm for years and was so excited to go see it for myself.


It was such a relaxing way to spend the day before the madness of traveling and settling back into life on the other side of the globe began. Who doesn’t love sitting dry on a porch chatting and laughing while the rain drops all around you? And standing by a fire while maple syrup boils away? And watching boys swing on rope swings from the rafters of an old barn? And feeding tiny horses treats? And eating way too much fabulous food?

Yeah. It was nice.


Sweet N especially loved opening and closing the door of the wonderfully old and beautiful home. Not sure why, but she was happy!


It was chilly and rainy but I appreciated it, knowing we wouldn’t have weather like that for awhile. Boy, was I right?! What does chilly and rainy even feel like? I can’t remember…


Sweet moments. But ooooh, that fleece looks warm…


And by afternoon…


…the maple syrup over the fire outside had boiled down to the perfect consistency and it was bottled up for us to take home as souvenirs. Look how it’s all wet from the rain! It refreshes me just looking at it. Actually, if I’m honest, seeing the drops of rain on those cute lil’ bottles actually reminds me of the drops of sweat that have been dripping down my body all day long. But you probably didn’t want to hear that part…

Anyway, I happily packed it up and brought it back to Africa with us, knowing that it would be a nice treat for some weekend morning.


And a treat it was! We shared it with a friend in our warm and sunny home half-way around the globe a month later. It’s the small things…

A taste of home.

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