08 May 2012

Tool Belt

When we are in Ohio, we stay across the driveway from my parents in a wonderful little apartment above the detached garage that my Dad built recently. It’s a great arrangement on a million different levels, one being that the kids can go back and forth freely between the loft and the big house, as we call them.

Also, my boy spent a lot of time working around the property with his Poppi. H had a keen sense and he would know the very moment Poppi exited the house to do a project and H would run out to ‘help’ him as fast as he could. I’m not sure how much Poppi’s productivity went up or down during our visit, but my boy was having the time of his life for sure! They did all kinds of projects together and at some point H started wearing his ‘tool belt’ lots of places.  His tool belt was just a bungee cord hooked around his waist.


One morning I saw them marching across the driveway.


He had hooked one of Sweet N’s bracelets on his tool belt to bring it back to our lil’ place. Fun.


Another day, I sent him over to the big house for a roll of toilet paper. On the way back I saw him pause part-way and do some adjusting.


He had to get it just right…


… so he could carry the TP in his tool-belt with no hands.


Ha ha! He’s quite resourceful for a four year and old and I love it!

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  1. I loved talking to this little guy and N yesterday :)


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