14 May 2012

A Trip to the Store

A good early morning at home with my kiddos slowly deteriorated to the ‘challenging’ rating. Maybe as the heat rose my children’s (mostly my son’s) desire to disobey rose also? Maybe this is a common correlation? It could be. I shall conduct further research. Anyway, I decided to push through the circumstances that begged me to stay home, park them in front of Dora the Explorer, drown my frustrations in iced coffee under my air conditioner while I watch the clock tick towards naptime and instead take the kids on a walk to the store to pick up a few things we needed.

And now I have three things to note about this trip.

1. Upon arrival to the store I let my kids browse the toy section. They know we don’t buy toys there, but they like to look and it kills a few minutes so I’m down with that.  While they looked around I noticed the store owner cover himself in a cloud of spray deodorant the next aisle over. Then he proceeded to close the can and put it back on the shelf. What?! I was not impressed and if I ever in my life wanted to buy spray deodorant, I would not give him my business.

Anyway, this little funny observation proved to be the silver lining of the trip. Well, that, and the fact that I picked up two kilos of frozen strawberries for only $5.

2. As we exited the store, I picked up my daughter and our groceries and then proceeded to fall down the stairs. All the men (no women around) who watched it all happen just stared at us. Not one person moved a muscle to offer the mother and child who just fallen down the stairs any assistance. Ugh.

3. Then, on the walk back home, a wild street dog bared his teeth and got within six inches of my daughters face. She screamed, tripped and then fell  down in the street. The dog then followed us the rest of the way home.

Oh my.

Just a little trip to the store.


  1. Wow, the dog thing is scary!! The falling-and-no- men-helping-thing is just plain sad!
    Glad you got a deal on strawberries, though. YUM!

  2. Hey, stop being so critical - at least the store owner was concerned about his personal hygiene. Once again, you've missed a wonderful life-teaching moment: "Kids - ALWAYS put on your deodorant before leaving in the morning. But if you forget, it's never too late...as long as there's a store nearby. Just head over and spray or roll a little...and then put it back on the shelf."


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