07 June 2012

Can it be True?

The other day I was shopping at one of my favorite supermarkets. A nice lady who must have been paid to stand in the dairy aisle and tell people about a new product kindly stood there and told me about this new product.


It’s yogurt. Now yogurt is not new around here… there are quite a few brands and several flavors.


But if you look closer…


You’ll see it says “Pure organic”?! Can it be true? 

Honestly, I have no idea if it can be true or not. There is no FDA or USDA (duh) or whatever here. Probably people can put whatever the crap they want on their product labels and nobody is gonna try to stop ‘em. But I thought “Hey! It can’t hurt”! The price was comparable to other brands so I excitedly put one in my cart (yes, some stores have carts… not most… but some) and brought it home.

Mike tested it for me because I don’t eat much yogurt and sadly, he was not impressed. In fact, the grimace on his face said it all.

Oh well, it was a nice idea.

Guess we’ll go back to the too-white-and-too-smooth-to-possibly-by-made-without-chemicals yogurt we normally buy…

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