08 June 2012

Dirty Feet

When returning to this sandbox, my daughter had a new experience.

Dirt. Dust. And lots of it. All the time.

In the U.S. frankly, it’s just not that dirty. But here it’s a different story. Dirty feet especially, are a regular part of daily life. After living here a short time the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and Mary Magdalene washing Jesus’ feet took on a whole new relevance. It’s just so dusty and dirty… our feet regularly become completely brown just from walking outside (or inside!) for a few minutes and it becomes necessary to wash them regularly after an outing.


And my girlie had a hard time adjusting to that, bless her heart.


The girl does NOT like dirt on her feet.


Or between her toes.


I regularily find her looking at her feet and trying to clean them up.


Even in church (which is outside) she would take off her shoes and clean her feet with a baby wipe. She’d get them all cleaned up to her liking, get her shoes back on and then five minutes later come back with that disgusted look on her face and beg me for another wipe to clean her feet again.


Look at that little face of concentration!


She cracks us up.


She has adjusted some to this fact of life in the past two months, but I hope she gets a bit more used to it cause it’s not about to change anytime soon!

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