11 June 2012

My Daughter, the Carnivore

My girlie is crazy about meat. I mean, before she was old enough to discern meat from other foods she would scarf down meat and scoff at the other foods being offered. I promise you that my girl does NOT get this trait from me.

I mean, I like meat alright. But usually only if it is the boneless and skinless variety. I don’t really know how to cook meat with bones or skin and I don’t even really know how to eat it. My kind husband often peels meat off bones for me and puts it on my plate as if I’m a baby myself, which I really appreciate.


He did that for me this evening, when we were having a nice local meal with friends.


In the middle is fuul and it’s SO delicious to me., especially at this restaurant. It’s the local staple that is sold everywhere from on the street to fancy restaurants. It’s made from smashed fava beans mixed with tamia (aka falafel to the rest of the world), tomatoes, onions, oil and local goat cheese (feta). There is tamia up on the right, the local bread on the top left. Two plates of dips (one VERY spicy and the other some variety of tahini) and of course two plates of…



I’m almost helpless with a chicken leg. To me it contains about two half bites worth of meat. And even that meat usually has skin on it, which is not ideal. But look at this girl.


I don’t know how she does it.


She has no fear of all that unknown animal part stuff and just digs right in.


It actually kinda grosses me out looking at these pictures.


Oh my word. Who IS  she?!


Are you done now, my cutest little carnivore?! Then put those greasy hands up and let’s go wash all that yuckiness off them!


Once she was done eating she made herself right at home in the restaurant.


Jumping around


and hanging out with the man taking money.


Meanwhile, her brother was doing this.


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