27 June 2012

My Heart

My heart is currently detached from my body and is now residing half way around the world in Colorado Springs. My family is lucky they even got fed today, I am such a zombie.

Wildfires are raging in Colorado very near where many of our friends live.

My heart is THERE.

My heart is with my friends who have left their homes behind and evacuated their families to other locations while they wait to see what the fire does next.

fire tuesday
Yesterday the fire looked like this.
fire wed
Today it looks like this. Over twice as large. I look at that map and see the grocery store we shop at. I can see my friend’s homes. I can see the library we go to.  I see the park where I took portraits several months ago. I see it all.

Words like ‘epic’  and ‘unprecedented’ are being used. The thing is a monster and the weather is the perfect storm. Oh, Jesus.
(pics taken from Gazette.com)
The Air Force Academy Chapel. In danger today. Oh my.
Pikes Peak is under all that smoke.
Can this even be real?

It’s so strange to be so far. In some ways I suppose I should say that I’m glad to be away during this disaster. But in other ways, my heart is there is such a strong way that I feel like I just wish the rest of me could be there too. Experiencing this together. Walking through this with my dear friends.

But I’m far. And so I scour the internet for any updates. I scan the maps for movements. I check Facebook to see where people have ended up and how they are faring. You might call me crazy. And you might be right. I can’t help it. For a girl who normally only reads news from People.com (Star Tracks, anyone?) this is quite a change.

In other news, literally, another of our three homes (the one my body is currently residing in here in Africa) is also in the headlines. Political junk is going down here and just adds another level of stress and worry (Sorry Jesus, I know You told me not to worry… I’m trying!) to our already kinda crazy and insecure livelihood in our home on this side of the globe.

And my conclusion, in the end, is that I just wish Jesus would come back already. Can I get an amen?!

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