10 June 2012

Twisted Ankle?

There have been a lot of instances lately where my boy uses a word or phrase in a completely wrong context. He gives us some good laughs. I think his vocabulary is growing faster than his brain because he hears many things and he begins incorporating new words and phrases into his sentences before he even knows what they really mean.

Here is one example.

He and his sweet sister were playing the classic game of jump-off-the-table-onto-the-cushions. So much fun, right? Every kid loves this. Sweet N wouldn’t exactly jump off, but H would hold her hand and then she’d kinda step off the stool and hit the ground. It was super cute.


But after one particular jump my boy looked at me like this.


“I twisted my ankle right here Mommy” (tapping the top of his head). Then later he ‘twisted his ankle’ on his elbow and then ‘twisted his ankle’ on his knee… Ha! Where did the boy even hear ‘twisted my ankle?” I don’t know! But he apparently wanted to try that new phrase out that day…

This boy is the best!

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