16 June 2012

Vocabulary Lesson

I love these lessons. My boy has a lot to teach you today…

belt latches

These are called “belt-latches”.

chew nuts

Not cashews, but “chew nuts”.


These should be instructions, but he says “constructions”, which some cases (like Transformers or Legos)… almost makes more sense!


He spots “cup folders” everywhere! And thinks it’s nifty to use them.

hot dog hummus

In Colorado, several months ago… he said this was “hot dog hummus”. That’s the best!


And in the hose on the balcony, he often has to get out the “wrinkles”.

spongie cord

“Spongee cord” which also makes a lot of sense…


And finally… this is “toast”… whether or not it has seen the inside of the toaster! Usually he asks for his toast not toasted. Ha!

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