20 July 2012


Today is Friday, a weekend day. Also the first day of Ramadan for most of the nationals, although I don’t have much to say about that today. This is what our day consisted of…


We had a morning trip to a… what do I call it? The locals would call it a park. We would call it a patch of grass next to the road.


The kids played a little ball, we had a little snack…


…and we watched planes land and take-off. Good times. H was especially excited that he saw the wheels go up into the the airplane and the doors close under them. You should have seen the joy in his eyes. I love that boy.


Then it was naps for all. Including this normally un-napping boy who fell asleep reading on the couch. Rare moment indeed.


Later was chalk on the balcony.


And pizza on the balcony, using the local bread and our carefully rationed pepperoni. Pretty good!


After dinner we had some swimming pool/filling up the car with ‘gas’ time. Girlie asked “Pwease me sbim wif my cwoos on?” (Please me swim with my clothes on?) Sure baby… if you want to! Why not?


And then after-bath and before-bed-book-time for the kiddos.


Which included this book written by Eric Metaxas.


And for my ‘story time’, I am reading this book, coincidently also authored by Eric Metaxas. Which if you ask me, shows a remarkable diversity in writing style.

That’s about it folks.

Good night.


  1. Blessings to you during Ramadan. I am thrilled to NOT be hearing the drummer at 4:00 a.m. (or 3???) for the first time in 10 years.

    Your pizzas look great,I haven't made "pide" pizzas in a while, will have to try!


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