04 July 2012

Happy Fourth!

The Fourth of July is one of the top two holidays that I loooove to celebrate in the U.S. (Christmas, of course, is number one.) This day can be full of so many fun things… parades, amazing food, relaxing times with friends and family, being outside, swimming, and of course… fireworks! It’s just good quality fun and I appreciate it so much.

Here in Africa, it’s not quite the same. I spent a lot of time today thinking of family we miss. It’s hard not to share holidays with family that loves us and misses us and our sweet kiddos so much.  We did celebrate with some patriotic clothing (except all I had for Sweet N was her big brother’s t-shirt!), time with friends, an amazing burger hot off the grill and the best brownie sundae (with homemade fudge sauce!!!) that I have ever had on this side of the globe.

Before we left for the evening, we took some photos on the balcony. It’s not often I get my picture taken with my kiddos and even more rare that they would actually be decent! So here are some…


First of all, I love this little missy. She’s got sass.


I can’t take it…


They are way too cute.






Mikey did awesome taking these photos, didn’t he? My kiddos are such a blessing to me.

And here’s the tickle reel…


Happy Birthday America. Of all the countries I’ve been to… you’re still my favorite.

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  1. Awww... I LOVE the pictures with you in them. So great! :) Happy July, friend.


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