27 July 2012

Lil’ List Maker

In the fourth grade my astute teacher, Mrs. Grumney saw something inside of me and gave me the “List Maker Award” at the end of the year. While I think it’s maybe a stretch to call it an ‘award’… I admit that Mrs. Grumney was right on with her assessment! 

I could have received that award each year since.

And apparently, so could my boy…

Several days ago, he stopped his game of playing “Shop” and came over to me very seriously and told me he needed to make a list for him so he wouldn’t forget the things he needed to do.  Wanting to support and encourage this wonderful behavior… I quickly agreed!

And then he dictated…


1. Scan (He had forgotten to ‘scan’ one of the items that his Daddy ‘bought’ before he took the item into his office and closed the door. My boy didn’t want to forget to take that item back and scan it when Mikey came back out.)

2. Get dressed (He was already dressed, but I think this was something he just needs to remember to daily.)

3. Brush Teeth (Good boy.)

4. Take a bath. (As if his father would ever let him forget that!)

5.Remember to get more things for my shop. (He loves this game.)

6. Go to the bathroom (Indeed, forgetting this would be very bad.)

7. Do my chart (His chore chart of things he does in the morning to get ready, he means)

8. Remember to read books (Not hard to do! This boy loves to ‘read’.)

9. Remember to water the plants (One of his main chores.)

10. Get on my shoes (Yup… another daily item.)

This list made me smile. Other things my boy has learned from spending so much time with me? He loves to organize! Yay! I’m so proud of him. For this and a thousand other reasons.


  1. Having always been a list lover (and maker), this makes me wonder whether you, (Suz), ever were aware of my lists; or, does a person, to some degree, just realize that LISTS are the "way to go" ?

  2. I don't really remember you keeping lots of lists, Mom. Funny that I never noticed that, huh? :) Love ya. But if my list-making trait was from you... thank you thank you!


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