05 July 2012

Run, Marble, Run!

You never really know what toys kids are gonna like.  Aside from Legos and train sets. that is… those two toys can bring hours of enjoyment for many years!

But my kids have another favorite. We have almost gotten rid of this toy a couple times in the past (one member of this marriage, though I won’t speak his name, looooves to give everything away all the time…). But luckily, we kept it. And since we returned a couple of months ago, the kids have literally spent hours playing with this toy!  And in small-kiddo-land, hours is pretty much the equivalent of days!!) It’s a locally purchased (although gifted to us), Chinese made (but only a couple broken pieces, amazingly enough)… Marble Run!




At first Mike or I had to set it up for them to use it…


… but now H can set it up in lots of creative ways all by himself.



So to whoever gave this to Sweet N for her first birthday… we’re getting tons of use and fun out of it! Thanks!

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