31 August 2012

The Belly/Quote of the Day

“Her belly is even fat. She looks like you Mom!”

-My boy H, looking at a picture of a cartoon character or something

Wow Mom, your belly sure is gettin’ big!”

-also My boy H, who really knows how to talk to the ladies

Leave it to kids to keep it real, eh? Thanks a lot, son!


But, I have to admit he’s right… the belly is growing. It seems a bit much for 14 or 15 weeks to me, but I guess this is what happens after multiple pregnancies!!

The belly gets hugs and kisses and tickles and snuggles from his/her big brother and and sister all day long. They are very cute and I am certain this little one will get smothered many times in his/her life by loving siblings.


In other news. I chopped my hair. Under normal circumstances it would have been a much bigger deal (I’d say 10 inches or so was cut off) but frankly it’s been so busy I didn’t care much. I got sick of it being long, scheduled an appointment from the one lady in the city who I heard can cut khawaja (foreigner) hair and had it chopped. I barely managed to keep it out of a ponytail in the time it took me to drive home. Ponytail is my life.

I know it’s hard to see in this fuzzy picture (as if you even care, anyone besides my Mom and Sister!), but it feels so much better short in this still steamy weather! It’s about shoulder length.

And… one last unrelated note… the preschool opens in two days!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


  1. I love what you write, and hearing from you. We miss you guys! Look forward to our paths crossing again!!! And I can relate about the hair!! You're looking beautiful as always :)

  2. Thanks Jade! Miss you too! Recognize that shirt? Still enjoying many of your hand-me-downs. :)

  3. You look beautiful! Hope your trip goes well and you get to relax and regroup.


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