23 September 2012

A Funny

Last week Mike was out and I needed him to pick me up some veggies on the way home so I could make my pure veg spaghetti sauce the next day.

So I texted him my list and then a few minutes later he texted me back. Read in the pic…


Piggy?! He called me a piggy! For asking for 11 kilos of vegetables, of all things!? Ha!

I laughed, wondering if he meant to do that.

And when I came home I asked him about it. He didn’t type it! His ‘pocket’ did (this happens to the best of us). And we laughed and laughed! What are the chances that a message would accidentally get typed ‘PiggY"’ and sent at such a funny moment.

I loved it. Felt so good to have a good laugh. I love my man.

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