07 September 2012

A Good Day

I realize that ‘A Good Day’ is a really bad title for a blog post. But whatever. It was a good day! And I’m happy enough with the fact that I had a good day AND that I have the time and am taking the time to blog about it. So ignore the boring title, okay?


Today began the weekend for us. And it’s the first weekend we’ve had in a looooooooong time. No, the calendar in Africa isn’t different, providing us with endless weekdays and no weekends… but our personal life hasn’t really allowed for a break in at least a month. It’s been non-stop.

But today… TODAY was a weekend day. And since I’m a working woman now (still getting used to this, maybe a blog about that to come), the weekend FOR ONCE IN MY PARENTAL LIFE felt different than every other day. Glory Halleluiah!

I vowed to rest. And I did. I took a nap and I’m on page 130 of the novel I started last night. But I was terribly productive too, caring for my home and my family. I nested in my home (haven’t felt like doing that for many months between baby sickness and preschool preparation). I organized. I cooked. We had a leisurely pancake breakfast. We had a living room floor picnic for lunch. I had a special outing with my boy this evening (just shopping, but just the two of us and really fun nonetheless!).

It was a good day.


Isn’t this what every boy dreams of? A barely moving spring horse thing amongst all the trash and dirt and rubble outside ‘the mall’? Term ‘the mall’ used very loosely here…


And a broken slide with a big gap right down the middle?

He was one happy boy. He makes my heart explode.

Today was a good day.

Did I already say that?

I meant it.

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