17 September 2012


I don’t really get many pregnancy ‘cravings’. Or maybe I just have learned to suppress them. I don’t think I have once (in all 24 months I’ve been pregnant in my life) sent my husband to the store immediately for some item I just can’t live without. Maybe because most of my pregnant months have been in Africa and frankly there is not much to crave.

I suppose if I’m honest… my current suppressed cravings are real cream cheese and chips with nacho cheese (like the sporting event neon orange kind). Philadelphia cream cheese is available here, if I’d like to pay approximately 7 dollars for it. No thanks. And fast food neon cheese and corn chips are just not here at all (probably a good thing?). So I suppress. And I suppress some more. What else can I do?

Enter a craving I could satisfy!…

So, I recently (re)read “Redeeming Love”. And in this historical fiction book whenever visitors come to the house they serve them coffee and biscuits. What kind of biscuits I don’t know, but I do know that when I finished reading the novel I really wanted to eat biscuits!

So even though I was bone tired and it was the hottest time of day and it wasn’t near a mealtime and we were supposed to be somewhere in an hour… I drug myself to the kitchen and whipped up a batch of whole-wheat baking powder biscuits. Generally in this country, if you want to eat something… you gotta make it yourself (this is a good lesson in patience and delayed gratification for a pregnant lady)! As soon as the first tray emerged from the oven I spread on ‘cow cheese’ (local processed non-food cream cheese that I have been eating lately, oops.) and fig jam.

Is this normal?


I don’t know.

Scan (1)

But it sure hit the spot!

And that is the end of a very long story that nobody cares about.

The end.

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