10 September 2012


A few times recently we have gone in at night to check on our sleeping treasures and found our boy like this:



The boy rolls right out of bed, lands softly on our wisely placed extra foam mattresses (tile floors are brutal for falling out of bed) and just keeps on snoozin’… delirious and oblivious to the world. I think it’s precious. He must have his Daddy’s gift for sleeping! And I particulary like the part like I pick up my sweet sleeping boy (it’s more of heave at this stage, but I like to pretend otherwise) and place him back in his bed just like he is still my wittle itty bitty baby that he once was…


Girlie does quite a bit better at staying her bed…


But she is a bit all over the place. I’ve heard that’s like me when I was a little one.

Sweet things.

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