11 September 2012


I have been sorting pictures for Sweet N’s baby book. I know, I know… she’s hardly a baby anymore! I do a scrapbook for the kids from age 0-2 and I haven’t finished hers yet. I would like to complete it before little one is born in February… but we’ll see about that. I’m still choosing pictures from 12-24 months.

And I came across this one and it made me chuckle…


It was taken last October. We were in Jordan at the time, believing we would get visas to return to Africa any day (which didn’t happen for six more months after that… what a challenging time! Bah!).

We went as a family to the Red Sea for a short time (Aqaba) and at breakfast one morning I snapped this photo. I don’t know what was in her mug… could have been cold coffee! Mike and I both drink coffee with milk and sugar so the kids like it to and we give them sips. Or maybe it was juice. Or water. I don’t know.

But what cracks me up is how much she LOOKS like she needs a cup of coffee. Ha! Reminds me of how I’ve been feeling in the mornings these days… And I love that her pink sippy cup is right next to her ‘coffee cup’…

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  1. This is so cute that I have made it my desk top background and can't help but show everyone who walks by when I'm on my computer!


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