27 September 2012


We love Legos. This isn’t the first time I posted about them.

It used to be that playing with Legos was a special activity that my boys did together occasionally. We didn’t think H was ready to do them on his own.

I think we were wrong.

It’s all he wants to play these days. And play he does. For HOURS. I don’ t know if ANYthing has EVER kept this boy occupied for so long (besides movies.) AM I USING ENOUGH CAPITAL LETTERS TO GET THE POINT ACROSS? This boy loves Legos.

But he doesn’t just love them. I am convinced he has a special gift for them. I’ve known from when he was very small that he has an incredibly detailed eye and that his fine motor skills are exceptional (no bias here, for sure!).

But seriously, I did not expect this.


He spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening parked at the coffee table.


So focused. So intent.


He carefully followed every last page of this very large ‘construction booklet’ (as he calls it.)


And he built this truck (and the entire trailer part too, with wheels, lights, etc) virtually by himself. Once I helped him get two stuck pieces apart, once I helped him make two pieces stick that kept falling apart and Mike helped him once find a piece in the pile he couldn’t find. That’s it!


This one complicated vehicle.

I mean, is it just me or does this seem a bit advanced for a not-yet five year old? Hundreds of tiny pieces, all put together in precisely the exact place with no help?  He even had to backtrack several steps one time cause he realized that he had two pieces switched and the stickers were in the wrong spot.

I’m amazed at my boy. And I don’t care if it’s bias or not!! Ha!

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