15 September 2012

The Beloved Lion

Here is meal time at my house.


She’s cute, eh? See her lil’ dimple? I love it…


And this guy. So cute. And a bit sweaty… oh my!


And check out this cup. Ever seen anything like it?


Not sure that the word ‘cute’ could be used to describe it.


When H and Mikey were in the market one night a generous shop-owner gifted my boy with this lovely mug.


And it quickly became one of H’s most prized possessions. He adores it.

And it kinda cracks me up.

And he keeps telling me we need to find a pink plastic mug with a monkey on it for Sweet N, so she can have a special cup for her favorite, too. Just like his, but pink, of course. And with a monkey, since that’s her favorite animal. And plastic… so it won’t break since she’s littler than him and might not be able to handle a ceramic mug… (This is all his thinking…)

So if you see one of those in the soug (pink plastic mug with a monkey on it, got it?)… let me know. Ha!

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