19 September 2012

What have I done?

My daughter’s locks had gotten pretty long lately. They were getting challenging for me to comb and were often full of oatmeal/yogurt/spaghetti sauce/name-the-food-of-the-hour.

And so Mikey encouraged me that it was time to do a trim.

A whaaaaaat?! Shrieked the mother of a super-cute two year old with darling long hair for her age?!

But he was right. It needed trimmed. And I was on a haircut roll the other night so I just bit the bullet and did her’s too. (By the way, I think I should get paid for my haircutting services… the number of haircuts I’ve done since I became engaged to marry my man is worthy of some pay, I’d say. But nevermind that…)

So I set my girlie on a stool in front of the sink, which ended up being a pretty good ‘keep her busy’ strategy while she played in the running water (sorry, environmentalists) while I wet her hair and cut it.

Here, before and after:


Ack! I cut more off than I meant too! I got a bit emotionally unstable for a few seconds after I put the scissors down and then I got ahold of myself. Her hair grows really fast. It will be back in no time. It will be back in no time. It will be back in no time… I kept telling myself.


She had no idea what happened. I told her I cut her hair and she became terribly confused. Since I’ve only ever cut her bangs but hadn’t touched her bangs that day she got a bit bent out of shape over it.


“You cut this part?” She was thinking.


“But a haircut happens here, on my forehead” (I’m mind-reading here).


Now real words… “Not dis heeeeir”…




“Dis heeeeeirrr”!

Ha ha. She knows what she wants folks. But her bangs didn’t need cut, so she didn’t get her way that day. Sorry girlie. She since forgot.

In other hair news, below is an interesting study in the color of my children’s hair. When it’s on their heads I find I don’t often know what color it is. Do you ever have that problem?

But when it’s in piles on the floor it’s much easier to see and compare.

Also, I realize that a picture of cut hair on a bathroom floor could be a bit disturbing or unpleasant to look at. I’m not sure why that is, but I kind of feel the same way. But I post it anyway cause I think it’s interesting. If you think this will offend you, don’t look.


H’s (right) is definitely brown? What? (yes, his pile is big… his hair was very overgrown!)

And N’s is lighter with a definite red tinge. You can see it here pretty clearly.

If Mike’s were there it would be even darker than H’s.

And mine might be like N’s? I think?

Pardon me, but since when are my children not blonde toe-heads? I always thought of them as blue eyed and blonde haired. I think I got the blue eye part right but apparently I was all wrong about the hair.

Perfectly made by God, in any case! I love them and their lil’ locks.

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  1. your post made me smile. i have been thinking about the same thing with claire's hair.....but i havent conjured up the confidence yet ;) looks much healthier and they always say it makes their hair grow faster, right?


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