15 October 2012

A Nook Family

Last Christmas we were gifted with a Nook!! Switching to e-readers wasn’t something we were planning to do (we are definitely not on the cutting edge). But my family was right… it was a perfect gift for a family with our lifestyle! So after one week of owning one, we promptly bought a second (refurbished) one ourselves! It was SO perfect for our fam!

One reason why we like The Nook over the similar Kindle is that you can insert a mini-SD memory card in a Nook which increases your storage capability hugely! And we have Nook Colors, so we can load and play movies on them also. 

And now… we’re a nook family!


Last year in Colorado, my boy found a ‘nook’ just his size to play on The Nook! Since it has wireless internet capabilities, we can pull up Starfall.com and he can play and learn all by himself. He loves that.


Also girlie in Colorado playing on it. Look at how much littler she looked then! A baby! Usually she asks to watch “Dowwa” (Dora) or “Max and Wuuuuvy” (Max and Ruby). Both of these are DVDs we own that I converted the files of and loaded them on the mini-SD cards. There’s even a  little My Fair Lady and Celine Dion in Concert (go ahead, laugh!)  on there for my enjoyment. :)


These things were amazing when we drove cross-country in the spring!


It wouldn’t hold N’s attention quite as long as H’s… he could put on the headphones and watch Despicable Me three times over if we let him. Can’t blame the kid. That movie is the best.


Also useful on airplanes.


And airports! Pair it with two suckers and you’ve got a no-fail situation on your hands.


We’re not big TV people at all, but when traveling… it sure does make things a lot easier.


And in Africa… still chillin’ sometimes with the Nook Often during Sweet N’s naptime.

Not to mention Mike and I do actually read books and magazines (me) on them very often! I managed to get a few tablet editions of magazines for free and when they’re ready they just pop up on my screen… Glory!

Why do I tell you all this now? This week we’re charging ‘em up and getting ‘em ready to go (and I’ve been saving up my magazines for weeks!)… we’ve got a trip coming up! Whoo-hooo! Stay tuned!

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