09 October 2012

Busy Bees

Our schedule these days looks different than it ever has. Most days I feel good about that and honestly some days I miss having more time at home with my kiddos, alone.

But, it is what it is and it is what it’s SUPPOSED to be so that’s that.

Therefore, because this folder of pictures wasn’t getting added to anymore and before they get too outdated, I’m posting a series of photos of some of my children’s happier moments playing together at home, when that is what they did all day, most every day! All moments were not happy, but in these photos you’d sure thing they were!


Playing bookstore. This is only one type of store that they opened during the summer. There were MANY stores in our house. Lil’ entrepreneurs…


I think this was a boat. Yes, I let my kids play on the table. It makes them happy.


Parade! Sweet N is holding the lil’ thing playing music that H had hanging from his ‘fishing pole’.  They’re ‘marching’ around the house. You might call them creative.


Superman and his lil’ assistant cleaning up sand outside on the balcony that they threw out of the sandbox. Nice teamwork!


Doctoring up the baby. Superman to the rescue again!


Playing traveling. This is a common game with my kids. And soon to come true again in real life… stay tuned!!


Playing picnic. In this scenario Sweet N (with a cupcake hat on?) is a puppy and H was feeding his puppy. Cute.


Traveling again. To a cold climate, apparently, since they felt the need to cozy up in their hoodies even though I am certain the temperature outside was well over 100 degrees (and maybe not much cooler inside?)

They sure are fun!!

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