12 October 2012

Faux Fall

I wish I could say it’s beginning to feel like Autumn around here, but the opposite is true. It’s still well over 100 degrees daily and still humid! Whew!

So, I am forced to pretend. What else is a fall-loving girl to do?

A month or two ago I began to think about decorating for fall. Yes, I am a dorky slightly obsessive and very devout plan-aheader. I can’t deny it. I was shocked to discover that I had NO Autumn decorations. WHAAAAAATT?? I have no idea how to explain that fact. I’ve lived here for six years!

Breathe Suzanne. Breathe. You can handle this.

No problem. I can just run by Target (Big Lots, more like!) and pick some up. Said no one here ever. Guess it was time to plan some crafts! So I headed over to my handy dandy Pinterest board specific to fall projects (oh yeah!) and  then these projects were completed over several weeks using my ‘Baby Steps’ tactic. It worked wonders again for this busy working pregnant Mama!


First up is this fall leaf garland. I have been bringing felt over in our luggage little by little so I had some colors to choose from. Thread from my cupboard and brown ribbon from the local market was all I needed to finish this project.


Glory to My Cute Stamps for this idea and the leaf shapes.


A couple nights snipping the shapes, a few snippets here and there sewing the ‘veins’ on my machine and then one evening  hand sewing the leaves onto the ribbon when the kids had friends over to play.


I made two garlands… probably at least 10 feet in all!


Also, I created this display.


The pumpkins were made entirely from things I had on hand. I just ripped open an old pillow for the stuffing. Halleluiah!


The Thompson Family inspired these fabric pumpkins. They were very easy and took overall a lot less time than the felt garland. And I made 8 of them in different sizes.


And daisies aren’t exactly known for growing in Autumn… but I had this on hand (thanks Ma!) and the colors were perfect. So a few evenings I used this Martha Stewart kit to whip up some paper daisies (while watching a movie) that are in the vase on the table. So relaxing and refreshing to me to do stuff like this.


And next… here is my palm tree! I bought it because I can hang things from it for each season. I had a similar one a couple years ago that I decked out for Valentines day. But it died and now it’s been replaced! (Ignore that awful plastic pot… I need to do something about that!)


Mike got a huge kick out of me the night I made these using some crafting wire I had.


He thinks they are childish and silly (in a nice he-loves-me-and-my-quirks kind of way), but I think they’re rustic and charming. Ha!


And last but not least. After a month or two of baby-steps-crafting I decorated my living room in about four minutes flat and then sat down to enjoy a few bites of the first pumpkin custard of the season. It only seemed fitting.

Three cheers for faux fall!


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