30 September 2012

Gettin' Creative

One thing I love about running a preschool is that I plan the lessons for each day and so I know that the kiddos get lots of activity/project/craft stuff in every week. None of this usual teacher-paints-a-picture-for-the-student-while-the-student-does-nothing business that is so common in this part of the world.

We’ve done all kinds of things since school started and the kids love it. It’s brewed a whole new sort of creativity in my boy and he comes home and wants to keep creating.

Yesterday after my  nap he surprised me with a small paper heart that he had traced, cut and colored all by himself. He was so proud and I almost cried.


So he was loving it the other day when I had my paper slicer out. He went to town on his own creation. (Don’t worry…the blade is not very sharp and it’d be very difficult for him to get harmed by it).


A masterpiece, eh?! At least you can’t say I did it for him! Ha!

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