28 October 2012


We have just spent a most wonderful week in Cape Town and on the coast outside Cape town. You’ll get to see more of it in the future. But these days I am too busy being lazy and making new friends and exploring new cities (Johannesburg this week!) and shopping and making sure my husband drives on the left side of the road to take the time to recap all we’ve done.

I wanted to show you one ‘best of’ pic of our time at the coast, but frankly… it’s just impossible to choose one. So instead you just get a belly shot taken while at the beach house.


It’s amazing how refreshing it is just to do my hair (NOT in a ponytail) and put makeup on (and not have it soon melt off from sweat) and wear normal clothes and even snuggle up in sweatshirts most days. Glorious. The simple pleasures of life are many!

Honestly, our time so far has been incredible. And I feel like there are no words to express what I feel in my heart. Maybe later there will be.

God is good. Glory halleluiah.

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  1. You look incredible lady! Glad that you're in such a wonderful place :)


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