11 October 2012

Lil’ Performers

My kids have been singing a lot more since we started preschool. I always wanted to be that Mom who would sit on the floor every day at home together and sing kid songs and do fun motions with them. But let’s be honest… it just never happened.

But at preschool… it happens twice a day! And it’s so fun.


Because of that, they’ve been singing more at home. Glory!


Granted, we don’t stand up on tables with song books to sing at preschool. That’s how we sing at church (well, except the standing on tables part, ha!). But at church, “Baby Bumblebee” isn’t exactly in the songbook.

Aaaaanyway… here’s a lil’ concert my girl put on awhile ago.


Isn’t this classic? Little sister singing her heart out, big brother covering his ears.


It didn’t phase her.


And here they are together, singing a “Happy Birthday” concert to their Aunty!

They’re the best…

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