03 October 2012

Pardon Me, But Isn’t it October?

Yesterday the whole fam was out and this is what the sky looked like.


These photos aren’t the best, but they give you an idea…


Dust storm is rolling in!!!


Regular sunny sky quickly being covered by giant cloud of dust. Quick! Run for cover! We were happily in our car, but many more were not. Poor things.


And a few minutes later it had descended on us.


And then laaater…


It started POURING rain.

It’s October. Sand storms and rain are supposed to be done for awhile, but this a surprise storm and it was a big one! Riding in the car on the way home we had the windows cracked to cut down on the steam on the windshield. It was a bit chilly and my boy said “I am frosted up in here!”

Ha! It was cold, but we laughed, because my normally well-spoken and large-vocabulary boy didn’t quite have the right phrase to express the unusual sensation he was feeling in his body. He he.  We’re not often cold around here…


They were already soaked so they enjoyed some playin' in the rain time before a warm bath.


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