06 November 2012

Five Years

This week my boy turned five. Five! There is no end to the joy he brings to us. He is so so bright. Observant. Detail oriented. He has amazing fine motor skills. He’s always learning. Compassionate. Caring. Gentle. Affectionate.  Always wanting to be a help. He comes up with great ideas. He makes us laugh and he’s a great companion.

Here he is… fresh into this world…


Age one… still such a baby!

09.2008 November 049

Age two… becoming a little boy…

02 034

Turning three.  Three was great! (All the ages are great though!)

H's 3rd Birthday Party 041

My boy turned four in Jordan…


And he almost celebrated his fifth birthday in South Africa where this picture was taken..


He is such a gift to us. Such a blessing. We are honored to be have been chosen to love and parent this boy! Happy Birthday H!

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