05 November 2012

Home Again

We’re home! We arrived back two days ago. And in case you hadn’t noticed… we had very little internet connectivity during our trip. I have so much to post about our AMAZING trip. I’ll do it probably over the next few weeks. But I’ll do it also for my old, lonely self who may forget all the details of our adventures that we took when we were young; nd I’ll do it also for my kids, who will someday grow up and (hopefully) love the documentation I put the time into on this blog so they can see all the places their tiny little feet explored during their first years.

Only thing is… I still don’t have time! Remember that part about no internet on our trip? Well, it means we arrived back a bit buried; and preschool/birthday/life picked up in full swing the next day after we returned. So it’ll come in due time, I assure you. As if you’re sitting on the edge of the couch dying to see photos anyway… I know you’re not! (Except for the grandparents, maybe!)

For now, let me just say that it was an utterly fabulous trip. So fabulous that I had a hard time boarding that plane to return to my home in the desert, if I’m honest. Our two weeks were full of a thousand big and small blessings, great fellowship, laughter, beautiful weather, delicious food and a long list of incredible experiences that made me wonder whose life I am living.

Our time was a complete gift from God in every way. My hearts bursts for what He has done for us.

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