15 November 2012

I Get it

I get it people. I’m a big pregnant lady. I get it!! I can’t tell you how many times in the past few weeks people have made comments to me about my size. Look, I know I’m big for six months pregnant. Do you think I can’t see myself in the mirror? What can I do?

Twice I’ve been asked if I’m carrying twins. Um, no. But thanks for the compliment?  Ugh.

I don’t get it. What makes people think that it’s acceptable to comment on the (large) size of a pregnant woman? Is that a comment they think I’d like to hear? Will I be blessed and encouraged when I hear it?

The fact is I make big babies. And I carry a LOT of fluid (my kids love to swim… maybe in starts in the womb? I dunno). And frankly, I gain a lot of weight. I’m not eating Bon Bons day and night. I don’t lounge on my couch all day every day. But my weight gain is what it is. I’m healthy. The weight is temporary. And HELLO… how about saying something to encourage this lady who is going through any number of physical changes and emotional roller coasters and daily life challenges with a comment that will encourage me instead of discourage?

I’d really appreciate it.

(Stepping of hormone-induced soap box now.)



  1. I think you look great in the photos you've posted! Healthy and beautiful! You're growing a human being in there, for goodness sake. So if you want to gain 50 pounds (like me, both times) and be fat and happy for 9 months, have at it, sister. Ignore the negativity and enjoy the wonderful miracle that is pregnancy. Back fat and all. :) Love you.

  2. you are gorgeous.....and for some reason since you have an adorable belly people think that is free reign to say whatever. i wish i had a dollar for all the people that would tell me how HUGE i was when i was pregnant with all three of my kiddos. the worst was being pregnant with a super tall tiny tummy with colton at work....the whole time i was compared to someone that was almost a foot taller than me. i think you are beautiful and an equally beautiful little baby belly :)----amanda


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