25 November 2012

LEGO Party

As you know, my boy turned 5 earlier this month. We threw a lil’ party for him and several friends soon after. I have such fun planning parties like this. I have to do it in baby steps over a few months to make it happen, but it’s my joy!

I canNOT take credit for most of these ideas. I got them off of this great post at Delia Creates. She made the planning very easy.

You're Invited



The kids played outside for awhile and then my activity coordinator took over (my wonderful husband!).  They built a tall tower altogether, which they thought was great fun.


They colored LEGO coloring sheets.


And they took turns hiding the ‘LEGO’ guy around the house and racing around to see who could spot him first.



This was lunch. I loooove the African way of loading a plate up with various foods and handing it over. I did it for Sweet N’s First Birthday party and other parties too.  It’s much simpler than doing a buffet and it’s much easier with kids then having them try to fill their own plates.




Grilled cheese sandwich, fruit kebab, popcorn, cucumber with yogurt dip and lime Kool-Aid. Delicious.


And the LEGO cake. Not my best cake, but fun, nonetheless.  It’s easy to see that on top are Oreo cookies covered in icing to make the LEGO bumps.



After cake they were sent off with the goodie bags that H had tons of fun filling with me. A small LEGO set (thanks Grammi!), a pencil and a pack of gummies from South Africa. Simple and fun.


My favorite part about the party? How special it made my boy feel. He IS a most special boy and I love doing special things for him!


  1. This is SO great! Makes me want to plan my next birthday party with LEGOs ;)

  2. As usual, you party in style!! Cute stuff!!


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