20 November 2012

To the Beach

We only planned to spend a couple days in Cape Town before heading outside of the city to a beach town. Our hosts have a home there and were happy to have us borrow it. Amazing!

So, we loaded up the car that morning and began our road trip.


We were not familiar with the area, can you tell?


Our chauffeur. I love this man. He is the absolute BEST traveling companion that I will ever know.


It was a lovely day for a drive.


And a cappuccino can only make things lovelier, eh?


It was only a couple hour drive, including some mountains and some apple orchards.  Did you know that South Africa has a unique eco-system that isn’t really found anywhere else in the world? At least that is what my chauffeur told me. He’s a handy (and informative) guy to have around.


Can’t say it was a flawless trip, though. We did manage to get lost. But that might or might not have been the fault of the passenger’s seat navigator…


Ack! We’re here?! Here?! This house?! Yup. We’re here. Oh my word.


This is the view from the balcony. Ocean!  Sea breezes!


After exploring the house and settling in, we took an evening walk to the shore.


The ocean air was so cool and refreshing. And we are wearing fleece. And hoods. Glory!


Beautiful spot.


My kiddos loved this beach. You’ll see more photos of it soon.


I had a feeling that evening that we were really going to like it there.

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