10 November 2012


This evening after a very busy day, for some reason I decided it would be a good time to bake banana bread. I had brown bananas and if you wait too long, well… it just gets disgusting. I knew I’d be busy and tired tomorrow too, so I seized the moment and went for it after already spending much of the day in the kitchen.

Then followed my two victories.

Victory #1: For the first time (I think ever) I completed a quintuple batch of banana bread. Yes folks, you read that right. I did five times the recipe. I have often done four. But not five! Why make one loaf when you can make  A WHOLE LOT MORE with not a whole lot more work?  And I can freeze the ones we wont in the next couple days. Glory!


Victory #2: I managed to smash (fifteen!) bananas, mix the batter, fill the pans and get them in the oven and wash some dishes without the children discovering that I was doing a baking project!! Ha ha!!  This was a major victory in my book. I have two VERY eager little ‘helpers’ and sometimes I’m just so darn relieved to actually start and complete a project by myself. It may actually shock my children to think that I can complete something without them. Ha! Are you fellow Mamas of wee ones around the world rejoicing with me?!


Here’s my output, in case you’re interested. Eight loves of various size and also eight muffins. (My pan collection has definitely grown in six years of living in Africa… for necessary reasons! Like wanting to bake a quintuple batch of something all at one time.) Three of the muffins, as you can see, didn’t make it past the cooling stage.  Husband and kiddos were lured in by the delicious aroma…

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