24 December 2012

A Christmas Story House

In April, Mikey and I had a few days without kiddos just before we returned to Africa from Ohio. We took a lil’ trip up to Cleveland to hang out with each other. Cleveland is the #1 Romance capitol of Ohio, did you know? Ha ha.

It really was a fun time exploring the city, taking it easy and eating deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches. True story.

One of the highlights (and maybe one of our motivations for choosing Cleveland?) was to visit A Christmas Story House. From the movie, in case you’re clueless.

The Christmas Story is a very midwestern Christmas movie classic from our generation. Or at least for my husband, if not the whole generation. Even though it was April, we were pretty excited to see the original house from the movie for ourselves.

It did not disappoint.

And so in the Christmas spirit, I now share with you our time visiting the original Christmas Story House…


It was a chilly day in April. Not exactly the bustling Christmas season. But we didn’t care!


We got our tickets.


And there on an unassuming street in a downtown-ish part of Cleveland stood the house! Wow!


And we weren’t alone. If you think no one wanted to tour a Christmas House in April… you’re wrong.


We were star struck. Ha!


And there in the window stood the leg lamp. (bad photo, I know.)


Once our tour started we were invited inside for a talk before we would be free to explore the house on our own.


This (very animated!) tour guide was clearly passionate about the movie. She shared lots of very interesting tidbits about the property, the producers, the actors and all kinds of details surrounding the taping of the movie. We were enthralled! No, I’m not exaggerating.


This family was also enthralled. They cracked me up. They clearly were also passionate about the movie… grown boys all cozied up on a tiny couch with their parents listening intently to Ms. A Christmas Story Animated Tour Guide.

Once she shared every bit of information she had, she set us free. The house was no museum… it was hands on people. So fun!


We took a look at old family photos.


Awww, aren’t they cute?


We unpacked the lamp in the front hall.


Found the official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200 shot range model air rifle.


Don’t worry. Ralphie, I mean Mikey didn’t shoot anyone’s eye out.


We saw the old radio (no Little Orphan Annie on though) and I risked my life with the electrical wires from the outlet.


I whipped up a turkey for dinner.


I hid under the sink.


So did Mike. He was a bit more in character than I.


We tried on various outerwear.


Warm enough honey?


Then we headed upstairs where Mike locked himself in the bathroom to find the secret message with his decoder.


And sadly he had to wash out his mouth with some lifebuoy. ;)


And THEN, after we waited our turn… Mike climbed into the famous bunny suit.


And posed on the stairs. In character.


And posed on the stairs. Out of character.

I just love this bunny. He’s my favorite!!!

These photos of my husband in a bunny suit are my Christmas gift to you.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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  1. We just watched the movie last night (Christmas night) with Sarah & Dave. Now it's even more fun to look at your picture gallery!


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