15 December 2012

Betty’s Bay

Alas, our glorious time at the coast in South Africa drew to a close after about half  a week. Although the cool thing was is that it was so refreshing and relaxing it felt like we were there a lot longer!

The day came to drive back to Cape Town and catch our flight to Johannesburg.

The day was dreary and rainy, but we decided to take the coastal route anyway, just to see something new.


I still really enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t bright and sunny. I think we even saw another whale that day.


We knew there were penguins along the coast, but we didn’t expect to run into any. But we started seeing these signs (the blue one above) as we neared a place called Betty’s Bay.

So… we followed them to see us some penguins!


There was a special place built so that people like us could enjoy the penguins without disturbing them. First we read all about them.


Then we walked along the boardwalk.


There they are. Penguins everywhere. Thousands and thousands of penguins.


Baby penguins.


Molting penguins.


Swimming in the ocean penguins.


Up close and personal penguins.


Lookin’ right at ya penguins.


And these. These are not penguins.


They are my penguins-viewing companions and I’m so glad.


We looked at penguins for a long time.


The kids loved it. It involved animals and lots of running on a road-trip day so of course they loved it.


And then we climbed back in the car and continued our drive.

That day we drove up to Stellenbosch on our way to Cape Town. We saw some very interesting old homes at the Village Museum from various eras and really enjoyed it. It’s a super picturesque town and very old town. But I failed to take any pictures there. Oops.

Late that night we caught the red eye to Johannesburg to start week two of our South Africa trip…

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  1. Love the penguin pictures. A vacation in South Africa sounds so "glamourous" to me, but I guess I get to go to the Mediterranean, Greece or Cyprus. :-) Maybe someday I'll make it to South Africa! Enjoy!


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