13 December 2012


Yesterday I had a check-up with my midwife. She spent over an hour with me, yikes!

Things with the babe are looking good. My blood sugar is great. My blood pressure is great. The baby’s head is down. I got my Anti-D shot because I have a negative blood type (Which I had to track down at a pharmacy, purchase and bring myself to be administered, cause things work a little bit differently around here). Placenta is healthy and in a good place. Sorry people, if that’s TMI for you! I am hyper-aware during this pregnancy of my and this baby’s health and even placentas can cause problems… so I rejoiced with each bit of good news.

I also rejoiced at the cost. This city isn’t exactly a cheap place to live, but health care is one area that we save in. The appointment? $10. The ultrasound? $10. Nice!! It’s a very simple clinic that I go to, but still… I’m thrilled not to be dealing with outrageous U.S. healthcare prices and insurance policies.

Aaaaaanyway…. little one probably weights around 3 pounds by now, although I always maintain that their estimation with an ultrasound is not that reliable. The body (Midwife looks at the stomach and the upper leg) measured right on target with the due date and the head measured a couple weeks bigger. This is normal for all my babies… thanks a lot Mikey, I really appreciate this contribution you make to our babies genetic makeup. Ha!

Baby is too big to get a good picture anymore, but these were taken when baby was only 12 weeks olde ago and I never posted them.


Sweet tiny body.


Precious hand.



Yesterday she printed a picture of the top of lil’ one’s head. 


Funny how a circle with two blurry spots on each side can melt my heart. Baby had his/her little fists right up by his/her head. The same way so many newborns still sleep when they are tiny.


Like this, taken of my boy when he was only a month old. So sweet.

OH MY GOODNESS?! I get another one of these in about 10 weeks?! (Yes… we’re nearly in the single digits of week-waiting folks!!) I can hardly believe it!

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  1. It does my heart good to hear that you had such a good check-up!! I'm praying that it works out for me to come help you when your new miracle is born.


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