04 December 2012

Mama Date

Took my boy on a Mama date last week.


This sound familiar?

Sorta? Close enough?

Ha! There isn’t much worry about copyright infringement laws in our part of the world. And sanctions prevent the real thing fro showing up. And this is truly how it pronounced in this entire region of the world. If you said “StarBUCKS” correctly… no one would know what you’re talking about.

But we’ll take what we can get!


The place is super nice. Nicer than any real Starbucks I’ve been to. The company is pretty cute too.


They even had USA Today! Except it was a month old? I wasn’t so interested in reading about the first presidential debate after the president had already been re-elected…


The menu was extensive. And they actually had the three things we ordered. I mean, they had to check with the kitchen to make sure first… but they indeed had them.


A chicken sandwich and chips to share. Not bad.


A huge and sweet strawberry juice (more like a smoothie) for my boy.


And a perfect cappuccino for myself.

And it all cost way less than what I’d pay at the real establishment!


I just wish the place weren’t clear on the other side of town…

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