09 December 2012

The Vineyard

South Africa is known for it’s vineyards and so we thought we’d check one out. There were lots of vineyards in the area of the beach house we stayed at near Hermanas on the southern coast.


So we took a drive north into the hills one afternoon.


So we asked around and did some research to try to find a vineyard that had a reputation of being “child friendly”. You know, since we have a couple of those. Creation was the one we chose.


We turned onto the property and drove through row upon row of grape vines.


And what is that?! A baboon? Indeed! I guess we are in Africa after all!


We pulled up to this lovely place. The inside of the restaurant was far to peaceful and tranquil to put two little kids in and the tables outside were occupied, so I asked if they would set us up an extra table outside.


And did they ever!!! They scurried around to set up our very own table on this gorgeous piece of lawn at the top of a hill in the middle of the vineyard.

It was unbelievably perfect.


The menu was a bit over our heads, but we made a selection and then sat back to wait.


Well. Some of us sat.


And some of us did not.


Some of us ran.


And tackled.


And rolled. Yeah. I’m glad we didn’t take a table inside!


It was just perfect. The weather was perfect. The table on the lawn was perfect. The view was perfect. The company was perfect. I honestly sat there and thought “If I were in heaven, could anything about this actually change to make it more perfect?!” It was just so…. PERFECT! In case you didn’t missed my previous twelve uses of that word in this paragraph.


And then Mikey and I shared our tray of cheese, bread, meat and pickles.


Simple and elegant and delicious.

A perfect afternoon at the vineyard.

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