05 December 2012


We’ve been experiencing something lately that started out as funny and has kind of passed the ‘funny’ stage to the frustrating stage. Recently… because of the long continuance of this pattern, it’s somehow returned to funny again. I think. Maybe we have no other coping mechanism left?

What’s been happening you’re dying to know?

Things are breaking. Constantly. All the time. Big and small. Lots and LOTS of things.

Please, allow me to show you. These are in no particular order. But these items have all broken in the last few months, which really… is not a very long period of time. It also is sadly, not an extensive list. Many other things have broken that I have not documented…


Cold water jug. Cracked when it hit the floor in our car.


Wall clock. Just quit keeping time.


Iron. Dropped too many times.


Travel iron I’ve had since college. Just quit working. No idea.


Baby monitor hand-imported from the U.K. Blew when the electricity in our house went crazy.


Wireless router. Also a victim of the crazy electric current.


Tortilla maker. One minute it was making tortillas and the next moment it unexplainably refused to produce another tortilla.


Speakers. Crackly, fidgety wires. Finished.


Alternator from our car. Depressing.


A motor from one of our air coolers.


Kids’ chair. Wasn’t strong enough for Mike’s weight when he was trying to fix a broken air cooler. Woops.


Picture frame. Was knocked off the wall when a local electrician was trying to fix our crazy electricity.


String of lights on my mini-tree. One day working. Next day broken.


Glow baby. Fixed her once. Broke again. No songs or light. Sorry Sweet N.


Tile on my countertop broke off when I was trying to jimmy-rig my kitchen cabinet with a nail.


Wireless mouse. It won’t click. It’s the strangest thing.


Stabilizer. Supposed to protect our appliances from the crazy electric current. But these break a lot too.


Visor in the car broke off.


A/C in the car doesn’t work right. Although those funny hanging cords and switch are actually supposed to be there. That is a fix from a previous break…


Serious oil leak. Also steering problems. Also back door problems. Also side mirror problems. Yea… our car is in the shop AGAIN.


Picture frame fell off the wall and broke when the front door was shut.


My new Bible. Elastic strap came off almost immediately.


Two sets of headphones with microphones. Purchased from the market. NEVER worked right. Either one.


Fun little bike for the kiddos that I purchased in South Africa and brought back in our luggage. Must have been a rough ride cause it arrived broken and un-rideable.


Blender. Quit holding tight and sent crepe batter flooding all over my kitchen one too many times.

You could add to this list our washing machine and my 500 gig external hard drive. And my alarm clock, which I just discovered this morning doesn’t alarm anymore? And a bunch of other things too. Oh, like my rocking chair. And the chair my boy H was sitting in at dinner. And my lamp. And another lamp. And my kitchen light. It’s crazy people. Unreal.


Many of these things have been banished to the bottom of the stairs. It know it looks like there is a decade’s worth of dust down there. But it’s just a couple months worth. Welcome to the desert.

The stuff will eventually either need to be thrown in the street (people around here love broken stuff, seriously) or taken to one man we’ve heard of in the market who is supposed to be amazing at fixing random broken stuff. Mike’s gonna show up with a gigantic cardboard box and tell him “Have at it.” The man has probably never seen a baby monitor or tortilla maker in his life but if he can revive some things for a small cost, great. If not… oh well. That’s life. We’re slowly replacing…

And NOW, since I am posting this blog, I am hoping (maybe I should start praying) that now nothing else will break and this crazy breaking-streak will end. Do you think it’ll work?!

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  1. That made me laugh. And cry. And miss some of that stuff (seriously, I have some great memories of that clock!). I'm sorry. But I'm glad you can laugh about it :)


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