30 December 2013

Gift Wrapping Contest

My family has always had a thing for wrapping gifts. As in… we like to do it! And be creative. And original. And put thought and time into it. We did it growing up but haven’t done it much in the past 10 years, mostly because we haven’t been together for many Christmases!

This year we were ALL TOGETHER. ON CHRISTMAS DAY! What a gift. What  a joy!

So we decided to do an official Christmas Wrapping Contest 2013!

The categories were:

1. Classic/Traditional Wrapping

2. Avant-Garde

3. Unconventional Materials

4. Tacky

My sister even printed out a score sheet. She’s so great.

How it worked was the one member of each couple did the wrapping and actually entered the contest (Dad, myself and my Sister) and the other half of each couple did the judging (Mom, Mike and my bro-in-law Dave).


There was a scoring system created. (Which we later found out had some flaws, woops!). We’ll do better next year.

Okay! First category! Classic/Traditional…


Lovely, eh?


The winner was me, which I’m not sure why… the bow looks rather smooshed and crinkly to me (well we did have to pack it in the van for the long drive!). In any case, I won. Yay me.

Next up… Avant-Garde…



More detailed…




Impressive, eh?!


Well no big surprise… the tree won! Way to go Dad! We then got a fascinating detailed description of how he did it. So fun.

Next: Unconventional…



Bubble wrap and fabric scraps.


A stuffed fish?!


A spray painted Cd jewel case and some very cool electrical wire.


Sister won with the fishy! (Yes, there really is a gift inside!!)

Last up… tacky:


I had two entries. And I got accused of cheating…


Awful wrapping, and price still on?! Torn paper? A gift from Dad to himself (it was true, actually) Sequin ladybug? Taaacky.


These two were actually STICKY. Yes, sticky. (Indeed, two of us had the same twist on words and interpreted tacky literally. Although I have to say Dad’s was much more sticky than mine (on the left). Both the wrapping and the paper were impressively sticky!)


Mismatched papers? Tacky. I actually really like it.


Mine won? The judges decided.

So that was it! The end. The problem with scoring was that I won the most categories but I think Dad actually had the most points?

WE ARE ALL WINNERS!! Ha! It was so fun. I love my family.


That was Christmas Eve. So the kids set the cookies out and we called it a (wonderful) night.

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