18 January 2013

A First Time For Everything

This post will provide you with a break from all the long recent heavy posts about all we’re going through. Here is a lil’ flashback to the end of December.

My girlie has done lots of things that my boy never did. Things like color on walls, chairs, windows, etc. Repeatedly and endlessly. Why can’t she learn? Why doesn’t she want to obey? (Don’t answer those questions!)

Anyway, my boy never once colored on a wall until he learned it from his sister and he has also never stuck anything up his nose.

But I can no longer say the same for my spunky girl.

One night after church she was finishing her snack of peanuts in the car. We can’t remember how it happened or how we learned what she had done, but we soon discovered that she had shoved a peanut up her nose.

Here she is demonstrating it for the camera after the fact…





I got really worried and was doing the whole “Do we really need a night run to the hospital to extract a peanut from my daughter’s nose on top of everything else we are dealing with?!” freak out. We got her upstairs, into the light and between two parents and some tweezers pulling and some pinching at the top of her nose, thankfully, the thing popped out. Whew!

Wait, am I really telling this whole story on my blog? Does anyone really care?

Well, in any case that’s the end of the story. The peanut came out of the little stinker’s nose and she seemed unbothered by the whole thing even though her mother was in tears.

And she is still so darn cute even with a peanut up her nose. What a special girl I have. Ha!

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