10 January 2013

Less Than Two Weeks

It was less than two weeks ago that we were told to leave the country.

And now here we are, in NYC. That was fast. How did that happen?

It’s all very VERY unreal. In fact, we’ve been strangely emotionless the past several days as we finished up packing and left and have been traveling. It’s like its not real. Like all that craziness didn’t just happen.

We’re certain it’ll sink in at some point. Maybe slowly and gradually. Maybe soon and quickly. I don’t know. All I know is right now we’re just kinda hanging out, not really fully aware of what’s going on.  I think this is normal. But it feels a bit odd. I’d rather be walking around full of emotion now, while in the midst of the actual, physical transition (sitting in a hotel room with my family and 12 pieces of luggage in between our African home to a new life in Colorado) then have a weeping session sneak up on me at some far less convenient place and time. But what am I gonna do? I guess I just wait. And I carry tissues everywhere I go? That’s about all I can do. Grieving is a process, I know.

Aaanyway, we are in the midst of our travel itinerary. We had to book on such short notice that we had to get very creative with our tickets to not blow $10,000 trying to get back to Colorado. Seriously. It could have been that bad.

So we flew out early Monday morning. We had a nine hour layover in Jordan, where friends picked us up and took us to their house for several lovely hours of visiting with two dear families from different seasons of our life.  It was a sweet time.

Then we flew five hours to London. There we had a 22 hour layover. So we booked a hotel near the airport, rested, and visited with another dear couple that don’t see often. We were so thankful.

Then a seven hour flight brought us to New York City. We’re staying here three nights because domestic flights to Colorado were much cheaper on Friday than any earlier day. So we’re resting and visiting with more dear friends. We are rich in relationship and so thankful to see faces we love in each place we stop.

When we first booked this itinerary I thought it was so long and drawn out it was going to be terrible. Well, it turns out the flights are so awful for me (I’m just so extremely uncomfortable… to the point of tears!) that without these long breaks between them I think I would have lost my sanity.  God knew what I would need. He knew I would need a long drawn out itinerary with lots of rest in between flights. We’re just so exhausted from the quick exit… these days resting are such a blessing.

Here are a few photos from our journey…


I’ve gotten a lot of stares on this trip. But I have to say if I saw this walking around in an international airport I would be worried, too! So I don’t judge all the people who stare at me in the airports and airplanes. They have a point, haven’t they! I’ve got six weeks to go, but I don’t exactly look like it…


This girl slept a lot on the seven hour flight from London to NY.


Mike did too. But my boy has a crazy ability to stay awake on airplanes if there is TV to watch. He has got some impressive endurance.


But as soon as we landed he crashed in the stroller for a couple hours while we sorted out bags. If you look closely though, you can see that he woke up (or not?) at some point to remove one shoe and one sock. Any ideas?! We have no idea what he was doing. Delirious traveling children can be some good entertainment sometimes!


Girlie found a comfy spot also. Ha! Whatever works…

Tonight is our last night in NYC. Tomorrow we finish our trip and arrive in Colorado after one direct four hour flight. Glory!

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