21 January 2013

Lil’ Fashionista? Or Not.

One evening a couple months ago we walked through our part of the city to meet friends for dinner.


I don’t always let my children pick out their clothing, but this evening I let Sweet N wear what she wanted…


Aaaaand this is what she choose.

Oh my.

Mismatched pink skirt and shirt, backwards Crocs and a flower headband smack dab in the middle of her forehead. And a very interesting look on her face. She has a gift, eh?!

Here on this side of the globe the kids are trying to get adjusted to dressing for cold. N often tells me she doesn’t need to wear a coat/mittens/other winter item. I tell her she’s going to be cold and she insists “I wike ta be told (cold)!” Then I have to remind her about the time last week when she played in the snow with no gloves on and her hands got cold and “Remember it hurt and you cried, sweet girl?”

“Yeah…. I dinin (didn’t) wike it.”

Then she looks at me with big big eyes for a second and then I can usually convince her to dress warmer after the reminder.

We’re learning!

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