24 January 2013

One Month

Our baby is due in about one month. One month!

*deep breath*

I've been doing a lot of deep breathing these days. I’ve also been doing a lot of huffing and puffing… like after I climb a flight of stairs? Just being honest…

And just to make life MORE interesting and uncertain than it already is these days, my midwife informed me that women who come to high altitude at the end of their pregnancy (and aren’t accustomed to high altitude during the entire pregnancy like I was with Sweet N) often deliver 1-2 weeks early. Oh my. Thank you for the warning? I thought for sure I would go 40 or 41 weeks. Both my other babies have been late so I wasn’t thinking I might have an early baby.


Now, I might not deliver early. It doesn’t happen to everyone. For once in my life I don’t really want to deliver early! I mean… I’m not feeling great these days and another month of pregnancy doesn’t exactly excite me but I also am hoping not to go into labor without a home of my own. I’d like NOT to be living out of bags, boxes and trunks when we welcome our child into this world.

You know what I mean?

*deep breath*

But I’m doing what I can to be ready as quickly as I can, which honestly is pathetically slow these days. But it brings me some peace of mind to get all my ducks in a row (all my onesies in a stack? all my nursing pads in their box? all my burp cloths washed up?) This girl cannot NOT try to be ready ahead of time just in case… whether or not we have a place of our own by then. It goes against everything in my being to not be prepared for any possibility. And so I do what I can.

And wouldn’t you know that most of the time I do have a good measure of peace. Thank you Jesus, for that.

I’ve sorted my baby things and listed when we still need. We purchased a used baby bouncer and today a friend brought us a lovely bassinet that is now set up in our borrowed living room. I have a case of diapers and wipes and lots of other supplies. Friends are surprising me and sending things in the mail! Wow. It’s amazing! We’re getting there and we’re really blessed.

If I had any energy left I’d post some pictures of my simple preparations because posts are much more interesting with photos, but I haven’t much extra energy these days and so you’re not getting many photos. Maybe I’ll get around to it.  Photos will be way cuter, in any case, when there is an actual baby in the photos too. Which could be as soon as two weeks or as late as 4 or 5? Okay. I can do this…

*deep breath*

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