12 January 2013

Quote of the Day

H, after using the toilet and seeing no trash can close by told Mike…

“On accident, I threw my toilet paper in the bathtub.”

Mike replied: “H, in America, toilet paper goes in the toilet.”

OH, the joy of transitioning kids. Ha!

So yes, we made it all the way to Colorado. It was a five day trip that nearly killed this very pregnant lady. We are temporarily settled and we are resting. We are spoiled by friends, we are well provided for, we are loved, we are thankful.

The kids are napping and we are spending a few minutes sorting through our lives. Throwing away entire lists of ‘things to do’ that applied to our lives in Africa a couple weeks ago that can now be tossed in the garbage.  Lists of preschool projects that I wanted to complete that never will happen getting tossed. Crossing events off calendars that are now happening half a world away that we thought we’d be attending that now we are not. Deleting emails of things we were organizing that now we have nothing to do with.

Then we’re looking into purchasing a vehicle. Researching cell phone plans. Enrolling the kids in preschool. Making budgets. New to-do lists.

Shutting down and opening up.

We’re picking up the pieces of a long beautiful chapter quickly closing. It’s all so abrupt and strange. It’s sad and still unreal. And we’re unfolding what our ‘new’ lives will look like here.

But in the midst of all the madness there is a bud of a feeling of a ‘fresh start’ in my heart. Of course I didn’t choose or expect a fresh beginning. We didn’t want a fresh beginning right now. We fought for so many years to stay in that country. But nonetheless, we have been given a new chapter to begin and so we try to embrace the new season facing us, even as we are still in disbelief that the last chapter has truly ended.

It’s all a process. We continue walking it. We’re bathed in grace and our God is faithful.

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